Welcome to our Upper Nichols Canyon Neighborhood

Nichols Canyon is a very special place to live—a niche of “country” curving up the canyon

from the teeming urban environment of Hollywood. The deer, red-tail hawks, coyotes, lots of

birds and a few bobcats living side-by-side us are proof that we’ve chosen an extraordinary

place to call “home”.

It is also home to a very diverse community of people who come from all walks of life,

professions, and life styles. There are folks who have lived here 50+ years, raising their

families when Nichols Canyon Road was a country lane to newcomers who are drawn by the

peaceful natural environment, the diversity of homes, the proximity to the urban centers, and

a welcoming community.

Our upper Nichols Canyon Neighborhood Association was born in 2007 in a living room

where 25 concerned residents gathered around safety concerns. We are now a roster of

almost 700 neighbors! There are no dues and we are open to homeowners and renters


Quality of life is our key mission. Over the years we have developed an active

Neighborhood Watch, Block Captains and a robust reporting system where our neighbors are

alert and report everything from crime and safety issues, rock slides and closed roads,

abandoned cars, lost-and-found pets and more. [See Safety Team]. As a result of this, the

LAPD says we are the safest of all the hillside communities.

We have very effective working relationships with our Council office, the police and fire

departments and all relevant City and County agencies. Additionally, we work closely on

matters of shared interests with other hillside neighborhoods and associations like the Hillside

Federation and the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council.

Building community is important. We do it through social gatherings, the Annual

Halloween party, connecting families with each other, a Canyon meditation group, and

community service projects to bring together long-time residents and newcomers, families

with kids and just neighbors down the street.

We hope you will be part of our Upper Nichols Canyon Neighborhood Association. Our

connection to each other is our strength, our safety net and it’s fun! We look forward to

meeting you.

All the best,

Susan Mullins

Chair – Upper Nichols Canyon Board