Our Emergency Preparedness Committee's mission is to improve the neighborhood's ability to deal with an earthquake, fire or any other emergency situation. We are especially motivated by the admonition from the LA office of Emergency Preparedness that, except in case of a wildfire, it could take 72 hours for them to help us in any other emergency condition.

Our specific goal is to have a disaster plan for our neighborhood that includes:

  1. Disaster Preparedness Training
  2. Resource and Skills Inventory of our neighbors
  3. Evacuation plans in accordance with LAFD's procedure
  4. Communications - if wire line and cell phone infrastructure is not operational, notification systems and related plans.

Trainings: Our objective is to get disaster preparedness training underway so that we can offer specific programs in the coming year. Five of our Members have completed CERT 1, four CERT 2, and 3 CERT 3 ... this knowledge will enable us, in partnership with the medical professionals who live in our area, to plan for the natural disasters which may occur in the Canyon.

Emergency communications: we have begun purchasing GMRS radios which will allow communication here in our area if power and phone lines go down ... our next step is to qualify as Ham radio operators, and to purchase the equipment needed to communicate with "the world out there" when disaster strikes.

Resources: We have prepared a preliminary resource inventory but the response has been limited to date. We will be sending out the resource questionnaire again and hope you will take a few minutes to see what resources and skills you could offer during an emergency condition.

As always, we look forward to your feedback, ideas and participation in this important part of having a safe and supportive community. 

Click on the RESOURCES and CONTACTS pages to find links to important websites and phone numbers for detailed information about emergency, safety and city services.