1.  An active, engaged Neighborhood Watch Program is the #1 safety effort recommended by the police in every neighborhood across the country.   The LAPD says, “The best crime deterrent is a watchful, alert neighborhood. We encourage and teach our neighbors to: 

  • Be smart and aware about their own safety and their own homes
  • Be observant about what is happening around them—suspicious cars, unusual activities, dumped stolen mail,  abandoned cars etc—and report them to the proper City authority and to our Nichols Canyon Safety Team at 
  • Be proactive and educated about reporting problems to the appropriate City agency AND to so the neighborhood can be “in the know” and help too.
  • Be good neighbors by getting to know the folks around you and be willing to look out for each other.

2.  A strong two-way Communication system so the Safety Team and neighbors can communicate about crime incidences, suspicious activities or safety issues like rock slides, downed wires, etc that impact the safety of our community.   Alert and engaged neighbors are the best way to quickly get information out and to get help from the LAPD, LAFD and other critical City services.

3. Maintain a strong partnership with the LAPD, LAFD and City and State agencies to develop them as our partners and advocates for our Upper Nichols Canyon community and many important issues that impact us.  Members of our UNCNA community cover construction and planning issues with City agencies and Boards, represent Upper Nichols Canyon at the neighborhood Council, Hillside Federation and other agencies that are important to our life.  We find ways through the year to show our appreciation of our local firefighters and our Hollywood LAPD stations.  They know we care about them and they know us and care too.

Report suspicious activity, crimes, broken water mains, hillside issues to

Click on the RESOURCES and CONTACTS pages to find links to important websites and phone numbers for detailed information about emergency, safety and city services.