The area covered by our Association extends along Nichols Canyon Road from Astral Drive on the south to Mulholland Drive/Torreyson on the north, as far west as Cardwell and Woodrow Wilson Drive, and Runyon Canyon to the east. Our boundaries are by no means fixed - if you live even close to our area, please join us. Each block is assigned block captains that help manage the flow of information to residents in the association. 

Neighborhood Blocks

Astral, Carob, Solar

Cardwell Place 

Cervantes, Lisco, Desmond

Chandelle Place 

Chandelle Road

Del Zuro Drive

Firenze Ave. & Place,  Seattle Drive & Place

Kimdale, Sunnywood

La Castana Drive 

La Cuesta Drive (North of Lisco) 

La Cuesta Drive (South of Lisco) 

Mulholland Drive

Nichols Canyon Place 

Nichols Canyon Road (N. of Woodrow Wilson) 

Nichols Canyon Road (S. of Woodrow Wilson) 

Westbrook Ave. 

Woodrow Wilson (E. of Nichols Canyon) 

Woodrow Wilson (W. of Nichols Canyon)