Adelman, Andrew A.
General Manager, Building and Safety Department
(213) 482-6800

Barry, Douglas L. (Vice-Chair)
Chief Engineer, LAFD
(213) 978-3800

Blain, Alvin Y.
General Manager, Department of General Services
(213) 928-9555

Bratton, William J. (Chair)
Chief of Police, LAPD
(213) 485-3201

Deaton, Ronald F.
General Manager, Department of Water and Power
(213) 367-1320

Featherstone, James
Interim General Manager, Emergency Preparedness Department
(213) 978-0530

Knatz, Geraldine
Executive Director, Harbor Department
(310) 732-3456

Levin, Randi
General Manager, Information Technology Agency
(213) 978-3311

Lindsey, Gina Marie
Executive Director, Los Angeles World Airports
(310) 646-6250

Miller, Gerry F.
Chief Legislative Analyst, City of L.A.
(213) 473-5746

Mukri, Jon Kirk
General Manager, Department of Recreation and Parks
(213) 928-9033

Robinson, Rita
Interim General Manager, Department of Transportation
(213) 972-8480

Ruiz, Cynthia M.
Commissioner, Board of Public Works
(213) 978-0251

Sisson, Karen L.
Administrative Officer, City of L.A.
(213) 473-7534

Whelan, Margaret M.
General Manager, Personnel Department
(213) 473-3470